• Focus: well-recognized relevant societal challenges, including promotion of healthy and active living and disease prevention, and displaying strong links with the primary healthcare sector and the community
  • Main scientific fields: healthy and active ageing, community health, family medicine, preventative medicine, nutrition and metabolic diseases, nursing, and ethical challenges
  • Relevance: the critical importance of the translation of fundamental research to the community in the national scientific panorama


Coordinator: Conceição Calhau graduated in Nutrition and earned her Doctorate and Aggregation from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. She is a Full Professor at the NOVA Medical School – Faculty of Medical Sciences of the Nova University of Lisbon. She is the coordinator of the Unit of Lifestyle Medicine and NOVAHealth Nutrition at the Nova University of Lisbon, and the Coordinator of the Thematic Line 1 – Preventive Medicine & Societal Challenges of CINTESIS. Calhau is a consultant member of several scientific organisations. She is an editorial board member of Scientific Reports (Nature Group) and of Nutrients. Her main research interests focused on the human microbiome, polyphenols, endocrine disruptors, metabolic dysfunction, and iodine nutritional state, which has led her to coordinate several research projects with national and European funds, such as IoGeneration, contributing to public health policies decisions by the Portuguese Parliament and national authorities.

Altamiro da Costa-Pereira is the coordinator of CINTESIS, a Full Professor and Director of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto. He graduated in Medicine in 1983, completed several postgraduate courses at the Universities of Johns Hopkins (USA), McGill (Canada), and Nijmegen (Netherlands), and completed his doctorate studies in Epidemiology at the University of Dundee (Scotland) in 1993. Costa-Pereira has developed scientific activity in national and foreign institutions, in Epidemiology, Health Informatics, and Clinical Research, with more than 350 scientific works published (h-index:40). He has participated in more than 50 panels and national and international evaluation commissions of scholarships, projects, and scientific research teams in the field of Life & Health Sciences and Technology. He is regularly invited by the European Commission to act as an evaluator. He has also coordinated the Agenda for Health, Clinical and Translational Research, promoted by FCT.

João Bernardes

MD. PhD.

João Bernardes earned his Graduate and Doctoral Degrees from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP), where he is now a Full Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics. He is the Principal Investigator of the research group Charter: Challenges and Strategies in Health Research of CINTESIS, the Director of the Department of Gynecology-Obstetrics of FMUP and a member of the management bodies of FMUP, and the North Regional Council and Higher Council of the Order of Doctors. He is also the President of the College of Gynecology and Obstetrics of the Order of Doctors. Currently, he is a member of the editorial board and reviewer of several indexed journals. He has authored more than 200 scientific articles and his research is focuses on Obstetrics and Gynecology, Biomedical Engineering, Pediatrics, Reproductive Biology and Medical Informatics.

Lia Fernandes

MD. PhD.

Lia Fernandes earned her Graduate and Doctorate Degrees in Medicine from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP). She is the Principal Investigator of the GeriMHealth research group at CINTESIS, a psychiatrist with Geriatric Competency, a Senior Graduate Assistant of Psychiatry at the University Hospital Centre of São João, and an Associate Professor with Aggregation and Executive Board member at FMUP. She is also a member of several associations and scientific societies, and integrates the Board of Directors of the International Psychogeriatric Association/IPA and the European Association of Geriatric Psychiatry. She is also a researcher of the international network INTERDEM, founder of the Geriatric Oncology Working Group of the Portuguese Society of Oncology, and the Clinical Director of the Northern Region Delegation of the Association of Depressive and Bipolar Patients. Her research areas include Psychiatry and Mental Health, Psychogeriatrics and Neurosciences.

Rui Nunes

MD. PhD.

Rui Nunes is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto, a researcher of the Challenges and Strategies in Health research group at CINTESIS and the President of the Portuguese Association of Bioethics. He graduated in Medicine in 1985, and earned his Doctoral Degree in Medicine in 1996. Since then, he has published almost 300 scientific articles. Considered the “father” of the living will in Portugal, Nunes has been a member of the National Ethics Council for Life Sciences and President of the Health Regulatory Authority. He was also a member of the Foundation for Science and Development Board and a member of the European Health Management Association. He was recently appointed Head of the Research Department of the International Network of the UNESCO Chair in Bioethics (Haifa). He launched a proposal for a Universal Declaration of Gender Equality. In 2019, he received the Honoris Causa from the University of Favaloro (Argentina).